Weekday Christian Education

Christian Education for kids during school hours. The Weekday Christian Education is a program for third and fourth graders in public schools in Evansville that helps them start and build their faith and walk with Christ. It is non-denominational and non-doctrinal and has been around since 1942. It is a voluntary program with written permission from parents, and it is free to all students. Weekday is supported only by individuals, groups, local churches and fundraisers.

What kids learn
How to use the Bible
Living as a child of God - feelings, honesty, caring for God's world
Learning to Pray
Christian Holidays - Christmas, Easter, etc.

Curriculum has a 2-year cycle.

Activities include stories, songs, plays, puzzles, sharing, games and videos

3rd graders receive a Jesus book and 4th graders receive a Bible at the end of the year.